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In Depth with Graham Bensinger
Pawn Stars Sink or Sell (HD, TV-PG) Corey risks losing money after buying a boat without first testing it; an antique revolver and a rare guitar with a unique history are offered for purchase.
Pawn Stars Steaks at Stake (HD, TV-PG) Old Man offers a steak dinner and a cash prize to the best salesperson, which leads to the assessment of a motorcycle, a 1915 calculator and rare buttons.
ABC World News Now (HD, New, TV-G) ABC News' overnight news transmission features breaking news from around the globe as well as ongoing topical conversations on various issues.

Bizarre Murders Talking Dead (Repeat) After being possessed by the spirit of a murder victim, a woman helps the authorities solve the murder case by revealing the victim's killer.
Bizarre Murders Sausage Fest (Repeat) Details are shared about a spurned lover who used a rare poison to get revenge on her former boyfriend after he began seeing a younger woman.
Nurses Who Kill Firth (Repeat) A story is shared regarding a negligent nurse who was unable to cope with the workload associated with caring for her 84-year-old patient.
Cold Case Files A Sealed Fate; Deadly Divorce (TV-14) Saliva found on the tab of an envelope seals a killer's fate after 37 years; a DNA sample taken from a boy proves his father was behind a murder.

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour A Piece of the Action (TV-PG) A man decides to give up poker, but a final game against his brother to pay back his friends earns his friends' mistrust.
The Fugitive Angels Travel on Lonely Roads, Part 1 (TV-PG) While on the run from the Nevada State Police, Kimble hitches a ride with a nun driving to Sacramento who believes he's been sent to her by God.
Mission: Impossible The Confession (TV-G) A Communist Bloc operative is arrested for the assassination of a United Sates Senator, and it is up to the team to find who is really responsible.

Appalachian Outlaws Dirty Money (HD, TV-PG) A ginseng kingpin's control is at risk when harvesters arrive to get rich, but game wardens, pot farmers and better deals make the season difficult to manage.
Appalachian Outlaws Ginseng Fever (HD, TV-PG) With ginseng in demand, an outsider seek profit but finds hostility; pulling immature roots stirs a knife fight; poachers are targeted; a rivalry emerges.
Modern Marvels The Electric Light (HD, TV-PG) The host takes a look at some of the innovators who created the modern technological marvels that are overlooked and taken for granted today.
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