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Sister Circle (HD, New, TV-14) Gospel singer Vashawn Mitchell; the hosts get zen with yoga with Syleena; Adia Robinson provides juicing and detox tips.
The View (HD, New, TV-14) "Deadly Sirius" host and "After Life" star Ricky Gervais.
13 News Now at Noon (New) The latest local, regional and national news events of the morning are presented by the 13 News Team, along with updated sports, local weather and traffic.

Extreme Forensics Hung Up (HD, TV-PG) Police have reached an impasse in their investigation following a serial killer responsible for killing several women in their homes in Louisiana.
Solved Behind Closed Doors (HD, TV-14) Police discover a woman's body in her abandoned vehicle only hours after her husband called 911 in order to report her as missing.
Solved The Watch Man (HD, TV-14) Police struggle to solve the case of a woman who was found murdered in her home after a detailed inspection of the crime scene yields no physical evidence.

Matlock The Student (TV-PG) Matlock goes back to school to further his education, and while there, a student is accused of murdering the professor she was having an affair with.
Diagnosis Murder Hot House (TV-PG) Mark goes on a reality show to find out how an abusive contestant was violently murdered in a house that is monitored 24 hours a day.
In the Heat of the Night Trundel's Will Be Done (TV-PG) Determined to spare her nephew the corrupting influence of the Trundel family, Harriet DeLong readies herself for a lengthy custody battle with Trundel's widow.

Modern Marvels Panama Canal (HD, TV-G) One of the most incredible engineering efforts of all time took 10 years to build and employed over 40,000 workers, 6,000 of whom died.
Modern Marvels Paving America (HD, TV-PG) Road-building has an important place in American history, spawning several industries as the craft worked towards its crowning achievement, the interstate.
Auction Kings U-Boat Telescope; Helen Keller Letter (HD, TV-PG) Paul decides to sell the gallery's two horses; two rare letters are auctioned; a seller brings in a telescope he believes came from a German U-boat.
Auction Kings M16; Butt Activated Musical Chair (HD, TV-PG) The crew puts an M16 Training Rifle with a training book, a pen dispenser made by Vendorama, and a unique musical chair from the Victorian era up for auction.
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